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  Daniel: The Lost Cousin
I lived for 28 years on this so-called small planet, and had never met my cousin Daniel here. I met him the day before his wedding, precluding any cousin-y advice or warnings about the dangers of a commitment so serious. Alas, he did fine without my counsel; the woman he married is quite the gem. (See pix in August of the killer wedding, if you've forgotten already.) On my way back to Porto Alegre from the States I stopped by Vitória to get to know Daniel and his wife Chayenne better. To give you a sense of how cute they are, I woke up the day after I arrived to hear singing coming from the kitchen. A lazy jaunt in that direction revealed Daniel perched on a stool, playing the guitar, as Chayenne sang along while washing the dishes. Not a bad wake-up routine.
Daniel: The Lost Cousin Vitória Sand Vitória City Tia Lilian & Virginia Beijo

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